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TEVA HA Syringes

TEVA HA Syringes

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TEVA Hyaluronic Acid Syringes

Package Details: Each package contains 10 syringes, with each syringe containing 25 mg of Hyaluronic Acid in a 2.5 ml solution.

When used as a dermal filler, TEVA Hyaluronic Acid provides the following additional effects:

Whitening, firming, detoxification, and facial rejuvenation with long-lasting results.
Non-invasive, traceless, and painless wrinkle reduction.
Intense moisturization and improvement of dull skin.
Quick and simple treatment, requiring only 10 minutes.
No post-injection swelling, allowing for an immediate return to normal activities.
Effective anti-aging properties that help reverse signs of aging.

Is TEVA from Japan Effective?

TEVA Hyaluronic Acid, sourced from Japan, is currently one of the most effective treatments for knee arthritis and arthrosis. If you or your loved ones are experiencing knee pain, why continue to suffer needlessly? Why opt for joint replacement surgeries that often yield unfavorable outcomes? Joint replacement may result in limited mobility, lengthy rehabilitation, and increased strain on the unaffected knee, potentially leading to further complications.

Recommended Usage: For knee joint application, it is advised to apply once a week for 5 weeks, twice a year.

TEVA Hyaluronic Acid syringes are advanced and effective joint agents, renowned for improving joint condition and alleviating arthritis and knee pain. This specialized Japanese product offers effective medical treatment for various symptoms associated with knee discomfort. While the overall application and medical benefits are similar to Adant Dispo, TEVA is not limited to joint therapy and offers additional advantages.

As time passes, the amount of intra-articular fluid in the knee joint diminishes. TEVA Hyaluronic Acid from Japan aids in restoring the necessary fluid levels within the joint, effectively relieving joint pain. This treatment can rejuvenate and restore your joints, even in cases of autoimmune diseases, providing temporary relief and improving joint function. It is important to follow these precautions and recommendations when using this medication:

Only a surgeon should administer the drug.
The drug should be administered via intra-articular injections only.
Prior to treatment, an X-ray is recommended.
It is not advised to use the drug more than once a week or exceed two treatment courses per year.
Treatment should be conducted under the supervision of a surgeon or a qualified specialist.
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