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Tationil 600mg

Tationil 600mg

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10 vials TATIONIL 600mg Glutathione
10 ampoules of 5ml Sterile Water

Glutathione is produced and used by every single cell in the human body and, therefore, has a very wide range of scientifically-proven health effects. Tatonil 600mg is the pioneer brand of injectable glutathione in the market since year 2002.

It has been a proven to be an effective regimen for health maintenance and skin whitening. It is trusted and the preferred brand of most dermatologists and medical experts. Proven to be safe with no negative side effects with long term use.

Glutathione is also a defensive agent against the action of toxic xenobiotics (drugs, pollutants, carcinogens). Recent scientific research has shown that the level of glutathione in your cells is an important indicator of your health and appearance of your skin.

There are a number of studies that proves the health benefits of glutathione in the body. Higher levels of this antioxidant are linked to having a liver that is healthier. Tationil is known for its skin whitening effects. Women(and men) that have a strong desire to make their skin more brighter and lighter are using glutathione, and have experienced positive results. Glutathione is also good for clearing pimple scars. It also lessens pimple growth on the skin since it cleanses the toxins in the body.

Melanin is a main factor that contributes to skin color. It is also present in the hair, in the brain, in the adrenal gland, in the inner ear, and in the eyes. Having a high level of glutathione decreases the level of melanin, which may result to a lighter and whiter skin. Drinkers can also opt to use this since it takes good care of the livers.

Tationil 600mg ( Glutathione), is classified as a tripeptide, which means it is composed of three amino acids. Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and peptides are a family of molecules that link various amino acids together. The human body produces Glutathione from the amino acids Cysteine, Glutamic Acid and Glycine, and it is the key antioxidant compound required for vital functioning of all cells.

– Administer one injection (IV or IM) every 3 days or twice weekly (1 box every month).
– The first month of use only internal results are obtained as it inhibits extra melanin secretion in the first month, external results can be seen starting from the second month (second Box of Tationil) according to skin type and individual differences and commitment to the treatment.
– Internal results are many like memory enhancement, liver protection, immunity improvement, nicotin detoxifying and many others.
– Do not mix the Tationil with Vitamin C in the same syringe.
– Vitamin-C IV injection only


• Coordination problems
• Mental disorder
• Tremors
• Darker skin
• Increased aging process
• Nervous system disorder
• Difficulty in balancing
• Currently, believed to be caused by lesions in the brain
• Diabetes mellitus
• Low sperm count
• Cataracts
• Cancer
• HIV infection Smokers (“people who smoke, are chronically exposed to toxins, suffer from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, AIDS, CA have lower levels of Glutathione. It’s a vicious cycle: health problems deplete the supply of Glutathione & reduced levels of Glutathione increasing risk of health problems.”)


Generally considered to be free of side effects. No untoward side effects nor interactions with oral administration reported even in prolonged use. It is SAFE. Classified as Food Supplement not a herbal. Made from genetically synthesize molecules. The only reported side- effect is SKIN WHITENING when taken in increased doses.

No toxicities have been reported or suspected as being associated with glutathione.

None known, except for use during some forms of chemotherapy and radiation where antioxidants are contraindicated due to their inhibition of the free radical formation which is an integral part of the therapeutic mechanism.

• anti-psychotic medication – Haloperidol • chemotherapeutic drug – Cisplatin.

Recommended Use:
Twice a week for better result.
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