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Super Stem Cell 24k Gold (Supernova DMS360)

Super Stem Cell 24k Gold (Supernova DMS360)

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Super Stem Cell 24k Gold (Supernova DMS360)

Beauty is a dream for all women, so it is not surprising that many women are willing to dig deep in their pockets for treatment to a beauty shop just to get a smooth and beautiful face. But do you know? Now that there are so many beauty ingredients on offer, one of the instruments used to beautify the face is gold and stemcells.

The secret of anti -aging, closing of rough and large skin pores, anti -wrinkle, repairs perforated facial skin due to the effects of acne scars and lightens freckles. See the effectiveness with stemcell product Dermax Super Skin 360 you do not need to do injections and surgery just apply this serum in consistent use. Bio-nano 24K Gold restores the deepest layers of the skin as well as enhances the formation of new cells at night. Recovers skin from lines and wrinkles. Increases collagen production especially when you sleep. Heals the skin while you sleep. Serum - shaped gold penetrates deep into the skin using a very fine Korean nano -technology machine.

- The secret to 7 times younger and youthful, healthy skin
- 100% Apple Stem Cell Extract and 24K Gold Extract with Bio-Nano Technology
- Anti-wrinkle secret
- Anti dark under eye circles (panda eyes)
- 7 times absorption into skin.
- Treats and repairs damaged skin due to misuse of dangerous products, face burns, face burns including accidental scars
- Treats chronic acne problem
- Treats and repairs scar craters and deep scars created by acne

What is so special about Stem Cell 24k Gold Serum that many are looking for it?
- A lightweight serum that is easy and convenient to use
- Refreshes, stretches, moisturizes facial skin
- Controls and prevents excessive oil production on the face
- Brightens beautiful radiant facial skin without exfoliation
- Prevents and kills the growth of acne on the skin of the face
- Shrinks and closes pores
- Reduces and prevents pigmentation on facial skin
- Ageless facial skin from real age

A box of  Stem cell Supernova 24k Gold contains 10 small bottles (10 x 3ml) which can last up to a month of use (at the stabilization stage).

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