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Placenta Extracts Bio Swiss

Placenta Extracts Bio Swiss

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Package size: 2 ml x 12 ampoules
1 Ampoule:
Embryonic Extracts
Placenta Extracts
Rose Placenta Extracts
Thymus Gland Extracts
Vitamin B1 Complex
Vitamin A
Potassium Gluconate
C-Amino Acid Complex
Superoxide Dismutase
Organic Therapeutic Liver Extracts
Organic Therapeutic Umbilical Cord Extracts
Essential Enzymes

These extracts reduce age and stress wrinkles. The skin looks smoother and younger, and the pores are smaller. Restores cells and regenerates them to DNA and RNA levels. Biocell Placenta Extracts from Switzerland, the most advanced method in the problem of the human placenta, the result is fast, it is an extract from the placenta of embryo, and this placenta that can really function generically and is accepted worldwide. It is injected into the veins and muscles.

The result is slow, but since HGH does not age us, it results in youthful skin, reduces age lines and stress, so it stimulates the body to produce up to 60% HGH. This produces smoother skin and finer pores as it repairs and regenerates cells up to DNA and RNA levels.

In the second month - improved vitality.

In the 3rd month, when fatigue disappears, skin color improves and I can sleep peacefully.

By the 4th month, dry skin that has regained its vitality will be softened and hydrated. Sleep better and wake up without fatigue. Improvement of the digestive system The skin becomes thinner and softer.

5th month whole body - normal sleep, good vitality, improved sexual activity, hyperpigmentation.

For example, scars on the face disappear, wrinkles and crow's feet disappear in 6 months. Improves memory, improves skin and becomes more detailed. It is soft and flexible, and by the

7th month the immune system is normalized.

Tumors or abnormal formations are destroyed in the 8th month. - Your body is in good health in all respects.

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