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Particolare DNA PDRN

Particolare DNA PDRN

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5 x 3ml
PDRN (polydeoxynucleotide) is a Reproductive cell extracted from natural wild salmon.

Using Patent Application No. 10-2012-008593, the DNA obtained from it was tailor-cut into a fine tissue regeneration substance.

After a long period of clinical trials, it was found that PDRN and human DNA base composition is almost identical,

It can quickly replenish the nutrients needed by the skin without side effects such as rejection and allergy, and has high safety.

The core ingredient of platinum salmon: fullerene

The discoverer of fullerenes won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996, and scientific studies have shown that fullerenes are powerful antioxidants, 172 times more powerful than vitamin C.

Since 2005, there has been no allergy in the skin beauty industry in Japan and it has received high support. Fullerenes have the excellent value of anti-whitening and prevention of aging.

Since the 21st century, it has become a high-profile cutting-edge beauty ingredient, even known as the "king of anti-aging."
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