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NEXGEN PROwhite Luminous-RH250

NEXGEN PROwhite Luminous-RH250

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Each box contains 12 vials and 24 Ampoules

Coenzyme Q10 300mg
Hydrolized Collagen Extract 750mg
Gingko Biloba 250mg
Alpha Tocopherol (Vit. E) 325mg
Biotin 0.15mg
Matcha Hemp Extract 125mg
Vitamin C 1250mg
EGF 2000mg
Selenium 400mg
Argireline 275.5mg
Aspartic Acid 22.5mg
L Glutathione 3500mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 500mg
Resilen RH250 250mg
Vitamin Complex 1800mg

NEXGEN PROwhite Luminous-RH250 is termed as the “key to the fountain of youth”

The newly developed "Whitening Needle for Brightening Skin" can make the skin bright and white, diminish scars and spots, and increase moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients, so that your whole body skin is soft, smooth and white, and can absorb various acne . This promotes metabolism and blood circulation, the concentration is moderate, and the reasonable combination will not cause too much burden on the body. It can be achieved once a week. The effect of whole body whitening and moisturizing is loved by Korean stars. It improves acne problem skin, fades acne scars, whitens and removes hepatic toxins. Repels melanin through blood, moisturizes and fades spots.

NEXGEN PROwhite Luminous-RH250 which contains a combination of special ingredients created in a South Korea laboratory and product are all designed to moisturise sensitive skin whether it is around the eyes,on the body,face or scalp. It will help keep the skin in good condition and rescue it from dryness.

One set mixed with 500ml of NaCL for IV, with just one drip, you can see the effect. Dosage: one set every week in the first two months. Then it gets reduced to one set for fifteen days in the sustenance period.

Detox salt is highly recommended to be taken before taking other whitening products because the toxins in the body must be washed/removed first to ensure an effective whitening process. The body will also feel light apart from white and fluffy skin. Good for body health because toxins in the body can be eliminated.

Completely fair skin that is free from brown and black pigmentation
Youthful skin that is free from all forms of aging symptoms
Enhanced immunity to skin infections and disorders
Comprehensive protection of UVR
Continuous nourishment to the skin with multivitamins
Complete hydration of skin cells and tissues
Skin complexion is a factor that depends on the combination of moisture, minerals and vitamins in the cells. The product ingredients can sustain the fairness complexion by balancing the level of PHEOMELANIN production at the root layers of skin. Hence, the naturally obtained skin fairness is irreversible.

What to Expect
You can feel the gradual changes in the skin texture and color during the first two months. Once the threshold stage reaches, you can experience significant improvement in the following sustenance period. The skin specialist will decide the duration for which the product is to be administered to get the best results.

Ideal Choice for
The product is an ideal choice for any type of skin with multiple shades of brown, black, or olive pigmentation.

Special recommendations / Diet
150ml of pure mineral water after every hour after brushing teeth in the morning
100ml of vegetable juice in water (carrot, beet, or tomato) with one spoon of ginger before breakfast and before supper
100ml of lemon juice with one spoon of honey after every 3 hours
No smoking and alcohol
180grams of meat, 150grams of fish or 100gms of poultry with lunch on alternate days
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