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Neutro Skin Lemon & Kiwi Gold Premium

Neutro Skin Lemon & Kiwi Gold Premium

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Lemon & Kiwi Gold Premium
Skin Radiance + Anti-aging

Made in France
Packing 5ml x 10ml

- E-UF Vitamin C : 4,500mg
- E-UF Collage : 1,800mg
- E-UF Alpha Lipoic Acid : 1,000mg
- PDRN : 800mg

- Skin whitening process for a brighter, fairer and glowing skin.
- Anti-Oxidant and fights oxidative stress.
- Skin firming and anti aging process
- Reduces dark spots and pigmentation
- Suppresses the formation of acne / blemishes / pimples and heals acnes and removes acne scar
- Minimize pores and improve skin tone
- Wound and Scar Healing
- Stimulates Collagen
- Detoxification
- Heals minor tissue injury and minor tissue damage
- Increase immunity and neutralizes harmful free radicals
- Skin Repair
- Increases skin strength and elasticity

Once or twice per week

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