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Neutro Skin Cactus Fruit and Avocado Whitening

Neutro Skin Cactus Fruit and Avocado Whitening

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1 Box = 5 Sets

Glutathione Avocado 1500 mg
Epidermal Growth Factor 500 mg
Glutathione Cactus Fruit Extract 1500 mg
Coenzyme Q10 180mg
Kojic Acid 500mg
Natural Collagen 300 mg
Plant Stemcell 250 mg
Ascorbic Acid 800mg
Selenium 200mg
Multivitamin 350mg

Experience a double-powered composition that focuses on enhancing immunity system and skin tone. Formulated to deliver a precise result with even more advanced technology. Neutro Skin pushes brightening forward, to bring out your skin's glowing, luminous best now, and into the future.

1) Give a healthy glow
2) Nourish your skin from within and import a natural glow.
3) Revitalizes skin
4) Enhance elasticity, increase moisture and make skin smooth and soft.
5) Boost your body immune system
6) Enhance the body's immune response from various infections.
7) Acts as an antioxidant and reduces the free radical damage throughout the body.
8) Enhance the skin's barrier repair function
9) Increase the skin's moisture retention
10) Firming and minimizing the appearance of aging.

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