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Maybreeze Body HA Filler

Maybreeze Body HA Filler

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50ml x 1 Vial / Box

MAYbreeze BODY HA FILLER is used for volume restoration and the shaping of body surfaces, for example, shaping of the breasts, calves and buttocks and also for evening out discrepancies in skin surface such as those sometimes caused by liposuction.

MAYbreeze BODY HA FILLER provides instant and long-lasting results without the need for open surgery and therefore avoids some of the consequences such as scarring.

MAYbreeze BODY HA FILLER gel is a crystal-clear gel consisting of biotechnologically derived hyaluronic acid that has been purified and stabilized. The hyaluronic acid is of non-animal origin, thus removing any risk of diseases transmitted by animals.

A single treatment with MAYbreeze BODY HA FILLER can last up to 24 months. The body slowly metabolizes the biocompatible MAYbreeze BODY HA FILLER gel. If longer lasting results are desired, further treatments can be made to maintain the aesthetic results.

What is "MAYbreeze Body Hyaluronic Acid"?
It is often described that there are no traces of artificial carving, and it is naturally like a god-sent beauty.
This is highly consistent with MAYbreeze product philosophy - creating plump curves while preserving a natural and comfortable aesthetic.

MAYbreeze is 50ml = 10 Ordinary Body Boosters = 50 Facial Hyaluronic Acid. It is specially developed for large-area natural filling of breasts, buttocks, pelvis, thighs, elbows, joints, calves and other body parts. The first choice of breast augmentation for many ladies and celebrities, low cost, no pain, no postoperative care, safe and fast to help you build a sexy body.

The cross-linking rate is as high as 24mg/cc, and the filtration purification process is completely different from other products. A single injection lasts up to 2 years.

How to Use:
Recommended users
1. Dissatisfied with their breast shape, want a beautiful and proud curve
2. Dislike the side effects of breast enhancement drugs
3. I don't like silicone filling and can't bear the pain of surgery
4. Those who want to increase quickly do not need postoperative care
5. The survival rate of autologous fat filling is low

The main indications are as follows:
1Breast enhancement
2Improve left and right breast asymmetry
3 Improve the shape of the chest and increase the beauty
4 Lift sagging breasts
5 Improve men's pectoral muscles
6 Buttocks
7 Improve the lines of thighs and calves
8Improve the sunken parts of the body
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