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Lucchini Total Power Sheep Cell Placenta

Lucchini Total Power Sheep Cell Placenta

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1 Box 50 ampoules 2ml

Total Power Cell Lucchini Placenta Sheep Injections are considered the number one choice of spas and also skin clinic all over the world. It is one of the highest quality and high dose formula available in the market today.

Composition of Total Power Cell:
900mg Total Power Cell Extracts
A complex of Embryonic and Placental Extract
Hydrolyzed Elastin
DL Alpha Tocopherol
280mg Antioxidant Enzyme Complex
Superoxide Dismutase
Glutathione Peroxidase
Glutathione Reductase
Glutathione Transferase

Benefits from Lucchini Total Power Sheep Cell Placenta Injection:

Nourishes and firms the skin.
Whitens the skin and lightens the scar.
Produces collagen and enhances the elasticity of the skin.
Moisturises and hydrates the skin. Firms, smoothen, and softens the skin.
Reduces pigmentation caused by exposure to sunlight.
Smoothens the fine lines and wrinkles.
Suppresses the formation of acne blemish pimples.
Minimizes the pores and improves skin complexion.
Removes excess free radicals that cause abnormal functioning of brains and organs.
Prevents the formation of aging.
Acts as anti-wrinkles.
Greatly improves the whitening effect.
Helps to prevent slack breasts and buttocks.
Helps to prevent fading discoloration of skin hyperpigmentations such as liver spots, freckles, age spots, or skin pigmentations caused by exposure to sunlight or during pregnancy.
Improves skin color
Helps in keeping collagen.
Maintains the production of cartilage and joints, improves skin elasticity, and makes it more supple and moisturized.
Helps to fill collagen loss and improves skin elasticity.
Helps to smoothen the wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area, face, chin and body skin.
Helps to reduce scars and depression.
Helps to reduce the formation of pimples/blemishes.
Minimizes pores on the face and improves skin tone.
Helps to prevent scurvy and vitamin C deficiency disease.
Boosts the human immune system and promotes antihistamine properties.
Helps to prevent aging.
Helps to heal wounds and scars.
Brightens the skin color.
Moisturizes the skin.
How to use :
1-2 amps every 3-5 days, every three months, spaced one year.
Intramuscular, or face should be diluted with solvent injection face because if the concentration is high. and also it May cause swelling in some cases.

Not suitable for:
Breast feeder
Injection on women having menstruation
Patient with cardiovascular problem
Recommended Dosage:
Intramuscular (IM) or intravenously (IV)
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