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Korea Venus Edge 6D Slim

Korea Venus Edge 6D Slim

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Daese Meditech
5ml x 1 syringe / box

Venus Edge 6D Slim Lipodissolve injection is different than any other lipolysis brands in Korea, it does not contains harmful ingredients like PPC. No pain during injection, no swelling after injection. The other brands which contains PPC ingredients will be painful during injection, and patents got seriously swollen after injection for a full day. enus Edge 6D Slim Lipodissolve injection makes a huge differences, no more painful feeling during or after injection, no more swelling, no down times at all! Venus Edge 6D Slim Lipodissolve injection is made of 100% safe ingredients extracts from plants.

Venus 6D V Slim strengths:
lasting corrective effect
skin lifting effect
improved regeneration and renewal of the skin
visible result one week after the procedure
safe for health because it contains natural ingredients

Scope of Venus 6D V Slim:
sagging cheeks
double chin
square face
age-related changes in facial shape

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