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Korea 5 Multi Crystal Needle

Korea 5 Multi Crystal Needle

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Nabo Medi
30G / 1.5mm

The needle length is fixed and unadjustable.

The needle fits for universal size of syringe. Thanks to the fixed needle length and special designed tip, the client feels less pain even the user presses the needle harder to the injection spot. Moreover, the tip makes the leakage solution as none.

Each needle tip is hand-cut 3 ways into a bevel. This significantly decreases needle puncture marks and pain associated with the injection. Leak-free product delivery is ensured due to precision penetration of the skin barrier.

Crystal Multi-Pin 5 Needle cartridges are perfect for mesotherapy, PRP, toxin, HA, multivitamin cocktails, and bespoke mixtures ensuring accurate product delivery into the skin each time.
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