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Kitsui Glow Sakura

Kitsui Glow Sakura

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Kitsui Glow Sakura
15g X 24s

The combination of cherry extract and swallow's nest brightens and softens skin, smoothing roughness and dark spots on legs, knees, neck, ankles and other skin creases.

PREMIUM CONTENT: Swallow's nest is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF).

Swallow's nest has been found to contain epidermal growth factor (EGF), which promotes cell growth and repair; EGF also increases collagen production in the skin and plays a role in maintaining its youthful appearance. Women who regularly consume Bird's Nest have been shown to have much younger, healthier looking skin. Add Kitsi Glow Sakura to your daily beauty and health regimen for glowing, healthy-looking facial skin. Ideal for those who are always on the go, it's easy to carry around.


- Naturally illuminates the skin.
- Brightens skin all over the body, especially wrinkles, neck, underarms and thigh hollows.
- Preserves the beauty and suppleness of the skin, especially on the face.
- Protects the skin from harmful UV rays.
- Moisturizes dry skin around the eyes and soles of the feet.

Specially formulated for people with the following problems:

- Sensitive skin, reddened face, open pores and oily skin.
- Dull skin, especially on thighs, neck and underarms.
- Dry skin on the face and soles of the feet.
- Rough skin like eczema
- Hair loss
- Dark skin when exposed to UV rays.

Japanese Cherry Extract (200 mg)
- Research published in the Japanese Journal of Molecular Nutrition and Food Research has shown that cherry extract brightens the skin, making it healthier and more beautiful.

Japanese Swallow's Nest (200 mg)
- The benefits of swallow's nest for beauty and physical health have long been known. To this day, the benefits of swallow's nest for beauty have been proven. All women should use selected and high quality swallow's nest to maintain beauty and a healthy body.

Korean Ginseng (30 mg)
- Korean ginseng improves oxygen circulation and blood circulation in the skin area, thereby moisturizing and regenerating skin cells. Perfect blood circulation in the skin area leads to glowing, radiant and healthy skin.

French Pomegranate
- Pomegranate contains natural vitamin C, ideal for keeping skin glowing and healthy at all times. Antioxidants in pomegranate help eliminate free radicals, protect skin cells from damage and reduce inflammation of facial skin.

No coloring, no added flavorings and low in calories.
- Halal natural ingredients and formulation 'Cherry Extract + Royal Bird's Nest + Ginseng' using the latest technology imported from South Korea.
- Helps whiten skin all over the body, especially wrinkles, neck, underarms and thigh hollows.
- The product promotes natural collagen production in the skin, slows down the aging process and is very good for smoothing the skin all over the body.
- Each sachet contains only 57.45 calories.
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