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Kiara Reju PDRN Skin Booster

Kiara Reju PDRN Skin Booster

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The box contains 3 syringes. The volume of one syringe is 2.2 ml. The needles are not included.

Hyaluronic acid 20 mg / ml
Polynucleotides 5 mg / ml
Niacinamide 1 mg / ml

An excellent product for moisturizing and firming the skin.

PDRN is a unit of DNA that is the basic unit of energy supply to the human body. Combined with hyaluronic acid (a natural moisturizing factor), PDRN is a powerful skin regeneration and hydration agent that can simultaneously stimulate skin regeneration and radiance.


Treatment should be proceeded according to the scheme of 1-2 procedures in 10-12 days, depending on the condition of the skin.The drug works not only as a moisturizer, but also gives the effect of light and clear skin, filling with moisture from the inside.

Immediate filling of the skin with moisture;Improving skin tone and elasticity;Normalizes the dermal layer of the skin;Strengthens the barrier function of the skin;Creates radiant skin.

30G * 4mm, 31G * 4mm, 30G * 12mm can also be used.

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