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Kasih Traditional Health Herbal Tea

Kasih Traditional Health Herbal Tea

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Kasih Traditional Health Herbal Tea has 7 variants. These are:

1) Thyme Herbal Tea
2) Chamomile Herbal Tea
3) Hibiscus Herbal Tea
4) Anise Herbal Tea
5) Green Tea Herbal Tea
6) Herbal Flowers Tea
7) Ginger and Lemon Tea

Each box of each variant has 20 tea bags. 

The practice of drinking herbal tea at least once a day is great for the body. Be it to replace your cup of coffee in the morning or before bedtime.

Read some of the benefits from each type of herbal tea as below listed.


Some Health Benefits of Thyme Tea
It has antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties.
It's packed with antioxidants.
It contains a compound that calms the nervous system.
It contains essential vitamins and minerals.
It is a natural cough remedy.

Some Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea.
Promotes Sleep and Treats Insomnia.
Boosts Immunity.
Treats Cold.
Reduces Muscle Spasms and Period Pain.
Soothes Stomach Ache.
Reduces Stress.
Lightens Skin.
Reduces Acne.

Some Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea.
Protects with antioxidants. The hibiscus plant is rich in antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and anthocyanin.
Fights inflammation.
Lowers blood pressure.
Lowers cholesterol.
Promotes weight loss.
Fights bacteria.
Supports liver health.

Some Health Benefits of Anise Tea.
Aid in Digestion. One of the oldest uses of anise tea is as a mild laxative.
Relieve Inflammation.
Boost The Immune System.
Relieve Respiratory Ailments.
Aid in Lactation.
Stimulates Appetite.
Help Maintain Hormonal Balance.

Some Health Benefits of Green Tea.
Contains healthy bioactive compounds.
May improve brain function.
Increases fat burning.
Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers.
May protect the brain from aging.
May reduce bad breath.
May help prevent type 2 diabetes.
May help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Some Health Benefits of Herbal Flowers Tea.
Sleep Aid.
Skin and Hair Care.
Immune Boost.
Fighting Disease.
Improve Vision.
Weight Loss and Detox.
Oral Health.

Some Health Benefits of Ginger and Lemon Tea.
Relief from Nausea.
Weight Loss.
Improved Immunity.
Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular and Liver Disease.
Pain Relief.

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