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Jello Nest Beauty Drink

Jello Nest Beauty Drink

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10 sachets for 10 days consuption / box
1 sachet in the morning or before bedtime mixed with 200ml water for drinking .

Bird's Nest
Mixed Berries
Aloe Vera

This is a product that trends locally because it is particularly popular among men and women who have acne and deep acne scars problem and sells like hot cake. Its reviews are very intriguing and convincing at the same time.
Berry flavoured jelly for immunity and skin radiance.

The benefits of Jello Nest
1) Helps repair the skin and slow down the aging process
2) Increase the body's endurance
3) Helps boost immunity
4) Good for helping add energy
5) Rich in antioxidants
6) Provides a variety of vitamins and minerals for daily needs

Suitable for male and female 13 years old and above especially for those with acne problems.
Suitable for pregnant ladies however we encourage to seek your GYN advice before consuming.
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