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Japan Melanin Inhibitor

Japan Melanin Inhibitor

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Each Box (GOLD) is 1 Set for 1 Injection

Reduced L-Glutathione 2000mg
Ascorbic Acid 1000mg
Pro Coenzyme q10 600mg
Multivitamins 4000mg
Cinnamomum Subavenium 500mg
Selenium Mineral 600mg
Pure DNA Extract & Cyanocobalamin
Recombined Placenta 1000mg
Sunflower Extract
Argan Fruit Stem Cell
Rose Extract

Since in Japan fair skin without pigment spot has been always considered one of the most essential beauty components, Japanese specialists developed effective and safe medicines for skin bleaching. That is by inhibiting pigmentation from the inside. By reducing the concentration or production of melanin, the skin will lighten as melanin is the pigment that gives skin it’s colour. The more the melanin were reduced, the more lightened the skin will be. This product is absolutely safe.

Dosage instructions:
Each box contains 1 vial and 5 ampoules for one time usage.
Mix all with 10ml water for injection.
Recommended via iv push injection.
Twice a week for better result
For optimum result, use for 20 sessions of treatment for 10 weeks at 2 times per week.

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