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Hisamitsu Eclar Scar Patch

Hisamitsu Eclar Scar Patch

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Hisamitsu Eclar Scar Patch

1 Box = 50 pieces x 7.5cm x 10cm

Original from Japan Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Single Piece Size: 7.5cm x 10cm (and be cut to scar size)

Latest Product Expiry: 2025

Many people ask how long it takes to see the effect. It depends on the individual's skin and scar and it is uncertain to guess. Scars under New scars disappear more quickly within the range of 1 month Older and deeper scars take a longer time and are slower to disappear (sometimes up to half a year or more).

Note: The the use of scar patch is not short term. The effect can be seen after some time. If the patch is not used after opening, remember to put it back in the aluminum foil inside the bag, the opening should be folded or sealed.

This can be used for the following conditions:

- Keloids
- Red protruding hypertrophic scars
- Hypertrophic pimple scars
- Surgery scars

How To Use:

Gently wash the scar and blot dry. Cut patch to the size of scar and stick on the scar. If it does not stick well, use 3M wound or surgical sticker to make the patch stick better. You can bathe as usual. When bathing, remove the bandage, after bathing, pat the scar dry and then stick it again. Replace patch every after 24-48 hours of use to ensure the best effect and concentration of medicine. Keep using until scar disappears.

Storage: Keep out of reach of children, away from direct sunlight, away from high temperatures and humidity.

1. Do not use it if your wound have not completely healed yet.
2. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, elderly or underage children, please consult your doctor before using the scar patch.
3. Do not scratch, press, or pull your scar.

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