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Healoine Water

Healoine Water

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1 Box = 10 x 4ml

Mesotherapy use

Recommended by Korean dermatologists, the custom-made HEALOINE 4th generation water light has excellent effects and speed,
It has won the love of many internet celebrities and celebrities, and its fast performance hit the taste buds of celebrities.

Generally, the recovery of water light needles is slow, which affects the schedule of celebrities. Leaves your skin hydrated and blemish-reduced the next day.

1. Moisturizing and hydrating The hyaluronic acid molecule of hyaluronic acid can carry more than 500 times of water, and it is the best moisturizing ingredient recognized today.

The water light needle is to replenish hyaluronic acid in the deep layer of the skin, so the moisturizing effect is super, the moisturizing ability is lasting, and the skin can keep moist and luster for a long time.

2. Improve skin tone Water light acupuncture can stimulate the skin's metabolism to speed up, accelerate the discharge of melanin in the human body, improve dark yellow and dry skin, brighten the skin tone, and make the skin feel brighter and whiter.

3. Pore-shrinking water light acupuncture uses mesodermal therapy, which can stimulate the skin to accelerate metabolism, shrink and refine pores, and make the skin firmer and smoother.

4. Improve fine lines Because of the moisturizing effect, the water light needle has a very good wrinkle removal effect, which can naturally fill the skin and stretch the fine lines on the face.

The effects of water light are as follows:
Skin Dullness Improvement -49%; Skin Tone Evenness +52% Improvement; Wrinkle Reduction -43%; Wrinkle Volume Reduction -33%; Pore Size Improvement -59%

HEALOINE directly injects hyaluronic acid into the dermis, and the moisture penetrates into the deep layer of the skin, so that the skin is pink and shiny from the inside to the outside, and it really solves the problem of lack of moisture in the dermis and restores its elasticity. And the role of whitening and enhancing.

PINUS DENSIFLORA leaf extract; anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging
Peony (PAEONIA ALBIFLORA) root extract; revitalizing and anti-aging. Hydrating and hydrating.
Avocado (PERSEA GRATISSIMA) fruit extract; can enhance the metabolism of skin cells, anti-aging; anti-inflammatory; moisturizing
Palmar kelp (LAMINARIA DIGITATA) extract; anti-wrinkle and anti-aging ; Calming, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing
ALOE BARBADENSIS leaf extract; promote collagen synthesis, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing
Centella Asiatica (CENTELLA ASIATICA) extract; anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, whitening, calming Regenerate skin, delay aging Wine Extract; firm skin and delay aging

But if you apply it on the surface of the skin, it basically just forms a film on the surface of the skin. At that time, it will keep you moisturizing, and it will be gone after washing your face. If it is to last a long time, you have to find a way to put it in the dermis layer.

It is best recommended for use in mesotherapy like in the instructions below.
1. Separate injection, using microneedles and water guns, two at a time on the whole face, once every 15 days, just apply a medical mask after use.
2. Mixed injection, that is, the combination of of Healoine with other injectables such as Fillorga, Bellona, Salmon, etc.,
Introducing two matching methods, mixing one with Healoine for anti-aging and moisturizing and second mixing with two other types like DNA Salmon and Fillorga. The three are mixed to use as anti-aging, moisturizing and repairing in one step.
In short, the essence is full-featured and easy to use. It is a skin companion that can be used for a long time. The above HEALOINE water light has a relatively simple introduction from its three advantages.

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