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Glutanex Tablets

Glutanex Tablets

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Glutanex Tab

1 Jar = 100 Tabs
Per 299mg tablet = 100mg of Reduced Glutathione

Unlike food supplement grade capsules flooding the market, Glutanex Oral Tablets is manufactured with 100% medicinal grade glutathione.

Glutanex utilizes the purest form of Glutathione (reduced) for detoxification, antioxidant effects to prevent formation of free radicals, and inhibition of Tyrosinase to reduce melanin formation to achieve brightened skin tone.

- Rejuvenation
- Nutrition
- Whitening Care
- Powerful Antioxidant
- Drug Detoxification

Main Benefits:
1. Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant.
2. Reduce melanin to brighten skin tone.
3. Helps improve liver functions from chemical poisoning, alcoholism, and choronic liver disease.

How to use: Take a serving of 1 to 3 pills per serving.

Caution: Do not exceed 6 pills per day. If rash, vomiting, stomachaches occur, stop use immediately and consult with your doctor.

MFDS (KFDA) approved Authentic from South Korea

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