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Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL

Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL

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10 vials × 5 ml
Manufacturer: Caregen Co., Ltd., South Korea
Product composition: PTx peptide (sh-Pentapeptide-12 SP), deoxycholic acid conjugated peptide, growth factors, biomimetic peptide

Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL is an injection-free solution for body shape correction. The product has a unique composition that contains botulinum toxin-like peptide PTx conjugated with deoxycholic acid residue. Such modification provides double action of the product that lies in a muscle relaxation, skin surface flattering as well as lipolysis stimulation. As a result, application of the product on the problem area promotes effective elimination of unwanted centimeters, decreases cellulitis evidence and provides skin lifting. In addition, application of Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL stimulates thermogenesis in cells that also results in the reduction of undesirable fat tissue.

Strengths of Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL:

Promotes body shape correction through complex action on the lipolysis, thermogenesis and myorelaxation
The procedure is non-invasive and does not utilize needles
Contains high concentration of fast acting peptides and the effect from the procedures is evident promptly
All constituents of the product are biocompatible and do not trigger allergic reactions and other side effects

Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL is injection-free solution for:
Body shape correction
Elimination of cellulitis
Thermogenesis regulation
Lipolysis stimulation

The effect of the procedure lasts from 6 to 12 months.
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