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Complexion 6 Premium Whitening

Complexion 6 Premium Whitening

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( 4-times treatment per box )
Vitamin C (20ml)
Ginkgo Biloba (5ml)
Thioctic Acid (5ml)
Tranexamic Acid (5ml)
Vitamin B-12 (2 c.c)
B-complex (1 c.c)

For more than 10 years, COMPLEXION-6 has always studies and been at the forefront of the latest scientific innovation breakthroughs to sublimate skin complexion for all skin types. Complexion-6 whitening solutions efficacy is clinically proven, ever since the supreme whitening treatment was firstly introduced in Japan by 1980’s for their women who pursuing ultimate and long-lasting fair complexion, its formulation has gradually advanced with newer modern pharmaceutical technology and high performing active ingredients, offers a unique sensorial experience and visibly beautifying whitening results.

This dermatologist-developed mixture combine strong whitening ingredient Rasemin for effective lightening effect, other ingredients include ginkgo biloba and other essential vitamins that enhance the liver functions, promote healthy metabolism, and increase autologous production of natural glutathione in your body (natural antioxidant agent) to rejuvenate skin and systemic cells. Use this product on regular basis for a visibly change in your skin.

Every individual ingredient inside this product is beneficial to your body and carried own potency that able to target particular health ailment.

Potential benefits:

Skin whitening & rejuvenation
Flourish & elastic texture
Suppress production of Melanin
Improves metabolism & blood circulation
Increases anti-oxidant against free radical
Promote regeneration of red blood cell & glutathione
Improves liver function & reduce fatigue


Adult dosage max. 2 times a week, 1 set per treatment. (IM / IV)

Precaution: Pregnant and breastfeeding woman is not recommend to use this product. Physician recommend not to take iron-rich seafood next 4~6 hours after theatment; consume of high iron seafood after vitamin C intake can cause serious chemical reaction by arsenic poisoning. An allergy on any this ingredient or intravenous are rare, but can occur if your immune system over react. Inform your doctor immediately if notice any symptom of allergy and drink lots of water.

Shelf-life / Expiry date: 2 years, refer date on respective ampoule. To be dispensed under physician prescription.

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