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Brands Inner Shine Matobright

Brands Inner Shine Matobright

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Brands Inner Shine Matobright
6 x 42ml

To Brighten The Skin.

New Inner Shine MatoBright™ is made from high quality, non-GMO mountain tomatoes. It contains tomato lycopene, which enhances the skin's natural defense against UV rays and promotes beautiful, flawless skin. Inner Shine Matobright™ is suitable for women who want to protect their skin from dark spots and desire a brighter complexion. In addition, plum extract is rich in dietary fiber and helps eliminate toxins from the body.

InnerShine MatoBright™ is made from natural tomatoes grown in the mountains. Tomatoes are very popular among women for several reasons. InnerShine MatoBright also contains Resistant Maltodextrin, which promotes bowel movement.

RTB: Contains ingredients that promote photoprotection, important for promoting whitening.

Natural Tomato.
Contains lycopene (from tomatoes).
Contains high levels of soluble fiber and promotes intestinal transit.
Contains high levels of vitamin E.

Directions for use.
This product should be consumed at room temperature or chilled, as preferred. Once the bottle is opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 24 hours. Shake the bottle well before drinking. Serve first thing in the morning, after breakfast.
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