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Bella’s Bianco N ALA+ Skin Lab Whitening

Bella’s Bianco N ALA+ Skin Lab Whitening

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Made in Italy

Bella's Bianco Exclusive N-ALA+. Best Skin whitening premium product made in Italy. 3 Times x Faster and Best result with new technology of NANO - Alpha Lipoic Acid Plus that bring out 300% of all ingredients to make your skin fair white, smooth and firm. It can be compared to Bio Rae RNA EGF premium and Quattrox but cheaper, plus with DNA and RNA..

1 Box for 5 times infusion


5 Vials 20cc
Ultrafiltration Glutathione 90.000mg
EGF 5000mg
Pure Pearl White Extract 5000mg
Amino Acids 1500mg

5 Flaconcini (20cc)
Coenzyme Q10 1500mg
Multivitamine Complex 50.000mg
Celergen Stem Cell Extract 50.000mg

5 Fiale (5cc)
Ascorbic Acid 5000mg
Naturale Collagen 3500mg
Pearl White Elements 1500mg

5 Fiale (2cc)
Recombined Stem Cell 700mg
Vitamin B Complex 1.250mg
Selenium 0.50 mcg

5 Fiale (2cc)
Pure DNA and RNA Active Cell 1250mg
Cyanocobalamine 2000mcg

New Bella's Bianco Pure Pearl WHlTENlNG. Best solution technology helps you to get FAST and BETTER results for your skincare requirements. Makes you looks younger , fairer , and brighter.

Ultra skin WHlTENlNG
Skin firming and smoothing
Reduce dark spots and pigmentation
UV protection
Shrink pore holes
Reduce acne and scars
Hydrating and regenerating
Rejuvenation and Anti-aging

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