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Atomy Red Pomegranate Jelly

Atomy Red Pomegranate Jelly

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Atomy Red Pomegranate Jelly Sticks

15g x 60 Sticks per box

Enjoy the wonderful benefits of Atomy's Red Pomegranate Jelly - made from a highly concentrated pomegranate juice extracted using a 30-step patented technique. One serving of Jelly is equivalent to juice derived from 26 plump red pomegranates. Regular consumption of this delicious product can provide 5 incredible advantages - anti-aging, anti-oxidation, preventing hypertension, menopause relief and natural skin whitening.

Additionally, the ellagic acid found in pomegranates helps preserve bone collagen integrity and retain the structure of skin tissue.

1. Anti-aging

Try red pomegranate today and experience the natural anti-aging and anti-oxidizing benefits it provides.

2. Prevention of hypertension

Incorporate pomegranates into your diet to gain the health benefits of anthocyanins and help prevent hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more.

3. Menopause

Middle-aged women, try adding pomegranate to your diet to help ease menopause symptoms

4. Natural Skin Whitening

Take advantage of the skin brightening and sunburn prevention power of ellagic acid. Try it as a dressing or drink it directly to give your skin a natural glow and protect it from the sun.

5. Maintain bone collagen integrity

Try adding a supplement containing high levels of ellagic acid to your diet today to help prevent the loss of bone collagen and to maintain the integrity and structure of your skin tissue.

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