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AllWhite PLANT Placenta Oatmeal Soap

AllWhite PLANT Placenta Oatmeal Soap

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AllWhite PLANT Placenta Oatmeal Soap
(For Bright and Soft Skin)
135 Grams

100% Original
100% Effective
100% Safe
100% Organic
100% No sticky feeling

Reveal skin's purity at its best! Try using AllWhite Placenta Anti-Aging Soap.

Unlike any soap you've ever used, this soap is especially formulated for dark complexion skin. It gently exfoliates dead skin to reduce skin tenderness, increases the skin cells' ability to retain moisture for a smoother feel, and has antioxidants that prevent free radical damage and slow down the aging process. It comes from the finest botanical ingredients that will help your skin look radiant and youthful everyday. Leave your skin refreshed and invigorated with every use. Our handmade Soap, with natural active plant ingredients, helps exfoliate dead skin cells and leaves your skin squeaky clean and sparkling.

✅ 100% Halal
✅ No chemical ingredients, gentle and can be used on the face and body.
✅ Passed GMP
✅ Effective and affordable, see results as early as 1-2 weeks
✅ Suitable for all ages

Coconut Oil base
Plant derived placenta (placenta extract)

Formulated for dark complexion
It has antioxidants that slow down your skin from aging
Assist in renewing damaged skin
Help your skin look radiant and youthful looking every day
Lessen the lines and wrinkles
Brighten face & body skin
Removes dark and black spots in body crevices
Treat dull skin
Eliminates acne & fades acne scars


This soap is indeed effective to brighten the skin as early as 3 days depending on use by individual.
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