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AGFactor Natural Supplement

AGFactor Natural Supplement

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Unlock The Fountain of Youth From Within

The secret to staying young is to provide your body and skin with the right nourishment. The superior Cysteine Peptides in AG-FACTOR™ helps to brighten and rejuvenate skin to a smooth, elastic and glowing complexion.

Power of Youth. Taken Further. AG-FACTOR not only enhances beautiful skin the natural way but also provides unlimited health benefits.

Unleash Flawless Skin through AG-FACTOR which promotes the production of Pheomelanin (lighter skin cells), removing the appearance of scars and reducing hormones that cause skin inflammation and pigmentations.
Natural Brightness & Radiant Skin
Balanced Skin Tone & Skin Discoloration

The Natural Facelift. Through the process of awakening skin cells to self-produce Glutathione and Collagen, AG-FACTOR™ helps you to achieve a younger, lifted and more sculpted look.
Fine Lines & Wrinkles Eliminator
Rebuilds Skin Firmness & Elasticity

Beautiful Skin Comes From Healthy Liver & Body

Improve Liver Health by promoting the production of Glutathione (master detoxifier) in body to naturally cleanse toxins and stimulants in the liver.
Strengthen Immune System by balancing the production of Cytokines (natural cancer cells killer) to protect the body against free radicals and other diseases.

See How A Liver Detox Can Benefit Our Skin

Our liver is the largest internal organ in the body and one of the most worked organ as its function is to cleanse our body of toxins.

Toxins are absorbed into our body through water, air and the food that we consume. Whenever our liver cannot cope, the body then attempts to eliminate the toxins in our body via the skin. This could manifest as acne, boils, eczema, jaundice, body odor, psoriasis and even age spot.

The liver relies on the availability of Glutathione to do its works. Unfortunately, from age 20 onwards, our body’s production of Glutathione starts to decline. Glutathione is not just any antioxidant, it is the most important, potent, and prevalent antioxidant and detoxifier for every cell in our body. It is responsible for many physiological, regulatory and transport functions in the body.

Cysteine is a precursor of Glutathione, which is primarily synthesized in the liver where it is abundantly present.

1. AG-FACTOR™ contains the superior skin-brightening ingredient Cysteine Peptide that helps lighten and rejuvenate skin to a smooth, elastic, and glowing complexion. Cysteine Peptide teaches our body to self-produce Glutathione and Collagen naturally, instead of forcing it to absorb them from external sources and synthetic ingredients. It is made from natural ingredients and contains no side-effects.

60 Capsules Per Box
Made From Natural Ingredients & No Side-Effects
Natural Skin Whitening & Anti-Aging Supplement
Promote Health & Longevity, Liver Health & Improve Sleep Quality
For Softer, Fairer, Smoother, Firmer, Wrinkle-free & More Youthful Skin
HALAL Certified, Trusted By Millions Of Satisfied Customers All Over The World
Clinically Tested & Proven Effective
12 Years In The Market
Lactose-Friendly & Vegetarian

Just take 2 capsules a day before bedtime to achieve that fair, smooth, and youthful skin in no time!

2. Age Defense Duo (AG-FACTOR™ + UltraPeptide™)
The secret to staying young is to provide your body and skin with the right nourishment.
No worries, we’ve got you covered with the Age Defense Duo! This perfect duo helps to restore a glowing and youthful complexion that combats all signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and sagging skin.

UltraPeptide™ is the most luxurious serum that fights all signs of aging. It works to improve deep wrinkles, fine lines, shrink enlarged pores with 5 super-concentrated key ingredients.

Key Benefits:
Brightens skin naturally
Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
Erases age spots & pigmentations
Improves skin firmness & elasticity
Balances skin tone & discoloration
Promotes healthier hair & nails

Minimises fine lines & wrinkles
Shrinks enlarged pores
Firms & improves skin elasticity
Removes age spots & pigmentations
Retains moisture in skin cells
Rebuilds collagen for smoothing skin

How To Consume & Apply:
Consume 2 capsules of AG-FACTO​​R™ daily before bedtime.
Apply UltraPeptide™ twice daily (morning and night), focusing on crow’s feet, laugh lines, frown lines, and necklines.
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