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2 in 1 Baby Bright Duo Booster Dark Spot Serum Sachet 6g+6g

2 in 1 Baby Bright Duo Booster Dark Spot Serum Sachet 6g+6g

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2 in 1 Baby Bright Duo Booster Dark Spot Serum Sachet 6g+6g

The remarkable 2 in 1 Baby Bright Duo Booster Dark Spot Serum, a complete set designed to bring out the beauty in your skin. 

1. The Dark Spot Serum is formulated with ginseng extract, renowned for its skin-revitalizing properties. This potent ingredient works tirelessly to reduce dullness and dark spots, leaving your skin radiant and glowing. Additionally, the serum contains radish extract, which is rich in glycosides. These valuable compounds help diminish the appearance of freckles and dark spots, giving your skin a more even tone. To further enhance its effectiveness, alpha arbutin is incorporated into the formula. This remarkable ingredient targets dark skin and helps reduce its appearance, leaving you with a naturally white and clear complexion. Lemon extract, another key component, contributes to the skin's brightening process, promoting a luminous and radiant look.

2. The nourishing qualities of the Aura Bright Cream. Enriched with pearl extracts, this cream works wonders in smoothing the skin and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. With the added benefits of glutathione and vitamin C, your skin will appear clear and vibrant. Bulgarian rose extract and chamomile extract are also infused into the cream, providing intense hydration and ensuring your skin stays moisturized for longer periods. These exceptional ingredients work together, revealing a new and revitalized complexion, with a smooth and bright appearance.

How To Use:

Twist open the cap of the Dark Spot Serum and squeeze an ample amount onto your fingertips. Gently apply it across your face and neck, allowing the serum to penetrate deeply into the skin. A2 in 1 Baby Bright Duo Booster Dark Spot Serum Sachet 6g+6glternatively, twist open the cap of the Aura Bright Cream and squeeze an appropriate amount onto your fingertips. Apply the cream evenly all over your face and neck, ensuring complete coverage. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to use this product regularly, both in the morning and at night. After each use, make sure to securely close the cap to preserve the product's freshness and efficacy.
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