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Vitamin A Powder (Retinyl Palmitate)

Vitamin A Powder (Retinyl Palmitate)

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Vitamin A Powder (Retinyl Palmitate)

10g (powder)

Also-called-like-this: Form of Retinoids
What it does: Cell-Communicating Ingredient
Function: Skin renewal and conditioning
CAS #: 79-81-2 | EC #: 201-228-5
Chemical/IUPAC Name: Retinol, Hexadecanoate

It's an ester form of vitamin A (retinol + palmitic acid) that belongs to the "retinoid family".

Retinol is a close cousin to retinyl palmitate, though it is about 20% more potent. Retinyl palmitate was created before retinol but they do not achieve the same effects. Similar, but not quite the same. Most skin types are far more tolerant of retinyl palmitate because it is the least irritating of the retinoid family.

Retinyl palmitate, sometimes called vitamin A palmitate, it's the least powerful retinoid and an option for those with extremely sensitive skin who want to experience the benefits of retinol in their skincare routines, without the irritation.

Vitamin A Powder (Retinyl Palmitate) Reduce Wrinkles, Fade Brown Spots for a Younger Looking Skin

Description: A potent antioxidant that improves the skin's appearance, texture and radiance. It stimulates cell renewal and boosts collagen production reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

- Vitamin A palmitate is a combination of retinyl (pure vitamin A) and palmitic acid.It readily penetrates into the epidermis and dermis.Its stability is superior to retinol.
- It has been proven to reduce wrinkles, fade brown spots,
- It has antioxidant properties.It will help to keep skin stay soft and plump.
- It significantly increases skin collagen,thickness and elasticity.
- It has been shown to offer sun protection, reverse the effects of sun damage on the skin.

Dilution as an active ingredient:
Add small amount to your favorite serum, lotion or cream up to 1-2%. It will dissolve in it slowly.
- It is water soluble, will not dissolve in oil or alcohol.
- Apply sparingly; a pea-size amount is enough to cover your entire face.
- Apply sun scream, limit sun exposure.
- Keep it in dry, cool and dark places.

High levels or regular usage of vitamin a is not advised if you are pregnant.

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