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Neutro Skin Whitening Softgel

Neutro Skin Whitening Softgel

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100 softgels

DualNA Cell Revitalizing
DualNA Antiaging
DualNA Skin Whitening
DualNA Immune Strengthening

DualNA Glutathione 350000mg
DualNA Grapeseed Extract & Berries Extract Stem Cell 15000mg
DualNA Tripeptide-10 Citrulline 8000mg
DualNA Tripeptide-1 3500mg
DualNA Pseudoalteromonas Fermented Extract 800mcg
DualNA Hexapeptide-37 1500mg
DualNA Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract 800mg
DualNA Liposomic Hyaluronic Acid 900mg
DualNA Total Mineral Elements 4000mg
DualNA EDTA 300mg
DualNA R-Lipoic Acid 3000mg
DualNA Antioxidant Enzyme Complex 1450mg

-Protects the body from the damaging effects of oxidative stress that can lead to cellular damage and premature aging
- Neutralizes various free radicals in the body which are water soluble and fat soluble
-Helps improve body health
-recommended for individuals who need an antioxidant boost
- Increases radiance / luster and evens out skin tone and neutralizes free radicals that cause signs of aging
Grape seed extract, a natural source of OPCs, a powerful antioxidant 50x stronger than vitamin E and 20x stronger than vitamin C
-Strengthens the body's immunity
-good for treating and maintaining heart health
-helps reduce inflammation

Take 2 softgels before bedtime

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