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Misfill Diamond Face Slimming / Shaping

Misfill Diamond Face Slimming / Shaping

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Misfill Diamond
5ml x 1 per box

Your shiny face contour and slimming solution, which increases the skin's elasticity and makes a beautiful face. It slims the face and jaw line, reduces fat and double chin, reduce the muscle lift of the jawbone, without the problem of facial depression after fat loss, and lift and relax the skin.

It is different from other products, it will not cause skin depression problem after no fat, strengthen skin elastic fibers,
Lifts sagging skin for a naturally soft, slender contour.

Post-operative precautions
1. 2~14 days after the injection, the local fat is reduced, and the body weight is reduced by about 7 catties
2. Control diet and drink plenty of water within one week after injection
3. Massage and hot compress 3 times a day, more than half an hour when used / injected.
4. Eat more fruits and vegetables and foods high in vitamin C
5. Eat less meat and fried food
6. Incorporate appropriate exercise

Not recommended for:
1. Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and liver disease
2. Heart disease and renal dysfunction are prohibited
3. Patients with local skin ulceration and infection are prohibited
4. Women who are surrogate, pregnant, postpartum breastfeeding, and breastfeeding are prohibited
5. Long-term use of anticoagulants and coagulation disorders are contraindicated
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