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Kitsui Collagen White 6000mg + L-Glutamine

Kitsui Collagen White 6000mg + L-Glutamine

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KITSUI Collagen White 6000mg + L-Glutamine

Product Description
The price is for 2 Boxes of 15G x 15 Sachets per box

Product Details:
Your natural collagen production declines over time. This often leads to visible signs of ageing such as eye bags, hair loss, rough, dry skin, and wrinkles. Drinking KITSUI COLLAGEN WHITE 6000mg with the Advance Korean Collagen Tri-Peptide 6000mg helps hydrate, smooth, and plump the skin; promote fuller hair growth; support joint and bone health; and prevent visible signs of ageing as it has smaller molecules that are easily absorbed by the body, which produces faster results than standard collagen on the market. A confident, youthful appearance is well within your reach when you have the support of KITSUI COLLAGEN WHITE 6000mg.

Mix 1 sachet (15gram) in 150ml of cold/warm water. For best results, consume daily after breakfast or after dinner.

Key Ingredients : 1. Collagen Tri-Peptide (Korea) 2. Mixberries 3. Beet Root 4. Pre Mix Vitamin 5. L-Glutamin 6. Vitamin C 7. Omega 3

If you are on medication, nursing, pregnant or considering pregnancy or with allergies or suspected allergies should consult a health professional or physician before taking any nutritional product. Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sun exposure. Taste and colour may vary and it contain sediment due to its natural ingredients. This does not affect the product quality.

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