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Ash II VIBRO For Men

Ash II VIBRO For Men

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Ash II VIBRO For Men
30 vegetable capsule per bottle

Active Ingredients:
Each 410mg capsule contains the following:
Secale cereale (Flower pollen) extract powder 185 mg
Fructus Serenoa repens (saw palmetto) extract powder 125 mg
Radix Urtica cannabina (stinging nettle) extract powder 100 mg

VIBRO is an innovative health supplement specifically designed for men's health. It contains a powerful combination of ingredients derived from flower pollen, saw palmetto and stinging nettle extract. This unique blend of natural extracts provides multiple benefits to improve men's overall health and wellbeing. It helps to reduce inflammation, promote healthy circulation, support urinary health, and overall prostate health. VIBRO is easy to take and can be taken as a dietary supplement regularly.

Based in the United States, this 100% natural formulation has been clinically proven to help support prostate health. It combats frequent urination and provides a broad range of benefits to improve men's health. Furthermore, it helps with symptoms of prostate disease, increases urine flow, is vegan-friendly, and has evidence from clinical studies to back it up. All of this is underpinned with GMP-certifications.

Adult men
Elderly men

Adult: Take 1 capsule each time, twice daily with meal.

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