What's the Ideal Face or Body Scrub?

What's the Ideal Face or Body Scrub?

What's the Ideal Face or Body Scrub?


People mix abrasives made from vital plant parts with oils, essential oils, and fragrance, creams, and shower foams to create herbal face or body scrubs composed of natural ingredients such as herbs, leaves, fruits, barks, berries, seeds, beans, and flowers. These herbs exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and moisturizing it, making it smooth and soft. After exfoliation, people shower and apply body lotion.

Chemicals in Scrubs

The main exfoliating agents in body scrubs, such as microplastics and plastic beads, harm not only the body but also the environment. These petroleum-derived plastics release toxins when they break down and not only end up on beaches and into the sea. They severely affect the marine life in the region. Furthermore, land animals and plants absorb hazardous toxins such as DDT and polychlorinated biphenyls from their environment. These hazardous toxins contaminate both the soil and water.

Disadvantages of Herbal Scrubs

Some exfoliations can irritate the skin, thus requiring a shower after application. Many scrubs containing numerous chemicals can also irritate the skin. Traditional herbal body scrubs, however, do not contain any harmful chemicals. Their weak smell lacks popularity, and a shower is needed after use since there is no soap included.

Qualities of the Ideal Scrub

Scrubs must have certain quality characteristics, such as exfoliant content, action time, fragrance, duration of aromatic effect, vitamins, soap content, skin-firming agents, emollient content, exfoliating texture, price, whitening agents, package portability, herbal content, and irritant effect. These qualities ensure an effective and pleasant scrubbing experience.

Value-Added Ingredients

Adding value-added ingredients such as whitening agents, skin vitamins, skin-firming agents, and emollients, body scrubs provide a variety of functions and effects. Depending on the formulation of their active ingredient, these ingredients cater to different purposes. Companies sell dozens of variations of body scrubs to meet different customers' needs.

Preference for Synthetic Chemical Scrubs

Companies use synthetic chemical ingredients in body scrubs because they are cheaper than natural products and have a longer shelf life, making them more profitable. However, many of the herbal body scrubs marketed have not been as popular with younger customers due to their scent, shorter shelf life, and general inconvenience when compared to products with synthetic chemical ingredients.

Enzymatic Scrubs

Enzymatic scrubs remove the top layer of the skin while containing active ingredients for better skin regeneration and specific acne treatment. Peels that contain more emollients and vitamins enable the presence of active ingredients for better skin regeneration. Peels also contain active ingredients that actively detect spots and scars, revive them to fade and match the surrounding healthy skin.

Popular Types of Face and Body Scrubs:

Salt: Coarse texture of a salt scrub makes it effective at unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells.
Sugar: Natural sugar sources provide glycolic acid for fighting hyperpigmentation and acne.
Coffee: Antioxidants in coffee scrubs rid the body of toxins, minimize puffiness, and stimulate blood flow.
Charcoal: Activated charcoal scrubs detoxify and purify the skin, particularly for oily or acne-prone skin.


Herbal face or body scrubs are growing in popularity as people become more conscious of the environment. Traditional herbal body scrubs are an effective exfoliant, but don't contain soap and require bathing after application, which adds an inconvenient step to the process. Synthetic chemicals in body scrubs provide distinct advantages such as not having to bathe after application and have a variety of scents suitable for different customers. Active ingredients make enzymatic scrubs better for skin regeneration and specific acne treatment. Each person's needs and preferences determine the most suitable body scrub for them.

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