Stem Cell for Acne Scars

Stem Cell for Acne Scars

Stem Cell for Acne Scars

All You Need to Know About This New and Promising Treatment


Millions of people around the world suffer from acne scars, which not only affect their physical appearance but also have a significant impact on their self-esteem. While existing treatments are often temporary and symptomatic, a new and promising treatment called Stem Cell Therapy has emerged. In this article, we will explore the concept of stem cell therapy for acne scars, its potential benefits, and the ongoing clinical trials.

1. Understanding Acne Scars

Acne is a common inflammatory skin disorder that leads to the formation of scars when blemishes become inflamed. There are two main types of acne scars: atrophic or depressed scars and hypertrophic or keloid scars. The formation of these scars is often a result of an imbalance in collagen production during the healing process.

2. Introducing Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are immature cells found in our bodies that can differentiate into various types of tissues. Researchers have started utilizing these cells to develop potential treatments for acne scars, which currently lack a permanent solution. Although stem cell therapy for acne scars is still undergoing clinical trials and is not yet FDA-approved, it has shown promising results with no reported long-term side effects.

3. Clinical Trials and Results

Several clinical trials for stem cell acne scar treatment are underway worldwide. A study by Ruchee Phonchai et al concluded that stem cell therapy can clear acne scars by 80 to 100%. These findings are truly remarkable and offer hope for individuals struggling with the aftermath of acne.

4. Mechanism of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells possess the remarkable ability to repair and regenerate damaged cells. When introduced into the body, they can restore the balance of collagen production and reduce inflammation. Stem cells derived from bone marrow or fatty tissue are commonly used in acne scar treatments, with the preference for using the patient's own stem cells rather than donor cells.

5. Benefits and Risks

Stem cell therapy for acne scars comes with several benefits, including long-term results, improvement in skin texture, and a reduced chance of future acne flare-ups. The procedure is non-invasive, and the recovery period is relatively short. However, as with any medical procedure, there are some risks involved, such as the possibility of infection or the treatment not being effective for everyone.

6. Eligibility and Types of Acne Scars Treated

Each clinical study has specific eligibility criteria, and it is crucial to consult with a dermatologist to determine if you are a suitable candidate for stem cell therapy. Both atrophic and hypertrophic acne scars have been successfully treated with stem cells, with the mechanism of action differing slightly for each type.

7. The Procedure

The stem cell acne scar treatment generally involves three steps: extraction of stem cells, preparation of stem cells in a laboratory, and transplantation of the stem cells directly under the scars using microneedles. The procedure is typically completed within two days, with a short recovery period and no reported long-term side effects.


Stem cell therapy for acne scars offers a new and promising treatment option for individuals seeking a permanent solution. While still undergoing clinical trials, it has shown impressive results in clearing acne scars and improving skin texture. As with any medical procedure, it is essential to consult with a dermatologist to determine eligibility and understand the potential risks. Continued research and clinical trials will further enhance our understanding of stem cell therapy's long-term effectiveness.

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