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31 Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks

31 Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks

1. Rub half a lemon on your elbows to brighten them. Afterward, moisturize your elbows to counteract the drying effects of the juice.

2. Numb the brow area by holding an ice cube over it before tweezing eyebrows.

3. Tighten baggy puffy eyes and brighten dark circles by placing chilled raw potato slices, cucumber slices, or cooled wrung-out decaffeinated tea bags over the eyes for 10-15 minutes.

4. Strengthen dry brittle fingernails by soaking them in warm extra-virgin olive oil (high in antioxidants) once a week. This also helps soften cuticles.

5. Stimulate eyelash growth by carefully coating your lashes with emu, olive oil, or castor oil using a Q-tip before bedtime. Be cautious not to get it into your eyes.

6. Apply extra-virgin olive oil to combat dry skin on hands, feet, elbows, and knees. Put on gloves or white socks before going to bed for better absorption.

7. Create your own tooth whitening paste by adding 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide to 1 tablespoon of baking soda to keep your smile looking its best.

8. Enjoy a beer bath by pouring 2-3 beers into a warm bath. Beer contains vitamins, powerful antioxidants, and yeast, making it beneficial for the skin.

9. Apply a dab of toothpaste on a pimple to quicken its healing. For red inflamed pimples, soothe the skin by holding an ice cube over them for a few seconds.

10. Use powder sparingly on fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes to avoid emphasizing them.

11. Round off the sharp edges and remove small particles or wood shavings from your freshly sharpened eyeliner pencil by running it across a tissue before use.

12. Exfoliate dry chapped lips with a soft, wet toothbrush or washcloth. Gently rub in a circular motion and then apply lip balm.

13. Prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth by inserting your index finger into your mouth, closing your lips around it, and slowly pulling your finger out to remove excess lipstick.

14. Extend the shelf-life of skin care products and cosmetics while minimizing health concerns caused by bacteria by storing them in the refrigerator.

15. Stimulate eyebrow growth by applying castor, coconut, or olive oil to your brows nightly. Wash off in the morning. Fill in any bald or sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil or powder.

16. Prevent ingrown hairs by shaving in the direction of hair growth and using a moisturizing shave gel or extra-virgin olive oil.

17. Fade stretch marks by dry brushing daily to exfoliate and stimulate blood circulation. Rub a few drops of lavender, patchouli, or helichrysum essential oils mixed with a carrier oil into the stretch marks to improve elasticity and heal damaged skin cells.

18. Cure yellow fingernails caused by dark-colored nail polish by rubbing them with lemon juice, rinsing, and massaging hands and nails with a moisturizer.

19. Protect your skin from the harsh chemicals and prevent hair coloring from staining your skin by rubbing vaseline along your hairline.

20. Remove streaks or blotchiness caused by self-tanner by gently scrubbing the affected areas with baking soda on a wet loofah or washcloth in a circular motion. Exfoliate the skin before applying self-tanner for best results.

21. Get rid of dandruff by adding a few drops of tea tree or eucalyptus essential oils to your shampoo.

22. Lighten and brighten your complexion by mixing apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and water. Rub the solution over your face in the morning and evening. This is effective for melasma, age spots, and freckles.

23. Strengthen your nails by adding fresh, finely chopped garlic to a bottle of clear nail polish and letting it sit for 7 days. The garlic hardens the nails, reducing peeling and breakage.

24. Boost the shine of brunette hair by rinsing with diluted apple cider vinegar after shampooing. For blondes, lemon juice applied in the same way works well. Both methods seal the outer cuticles of the hair, reflecting light.

25. Conceal spider veins by lightly applying concealer with a makeup brush and setting it with powder.

26. Make it easier to open a new bottle of nail polish by rubbing a dab of vaseline around the neck of the bottle.

27. Make your eye color stand out by using complementary eye shadow colors instead of matching them to your eyes. Remove eye makeup effectively with a drop or two of extra-virgin olive oil on a cotton ball.

28. Opt for warm-shade lipsticks like bronze or copper to enhance the whiteness of grayish-toned teeth. Reduce the appearance of cellulite by dry brushing your skin before showering. Use a natural bristle brush and brush in circular motions towards the heart to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

29. Hydrate and nourish your skin from within by drinking an adequate amount of water each day. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

30. Try outlining your eyes just inside the upper and lower lashes with a soft white cosmetic pencil to make them sparkle and appear bigger.

31. Flossing dislodges food and bad breath bacteria that may linger, making it a crucial step. Daily flossing can add 6+ years to your life by removing bacteria that can cause inflammation and lead to heart disease.

Remember, while these natural beauty tips can be beneficial, it's essential to listen to your body and consult with a healthcare professional or dermatologist if you have any specific skin concerns or conditions.

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