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Silk Peptide Protein

Silk Peptide Protein

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Dilution Ratio: 1:1 (with distilled water). Add to your skin care or hair care products.

Silk proteins act as an extension of this barrier by creating a shield to defend your skin against aggressors. This helps seal in hydration and stabilize active ingredients so they can work harder. By replenishing your skin's barrier function, silk proteins reduce fine lines, smooth texture and improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Silk bonds with other proteins and molecules in the skin, firming it up and increasing hydration levels. It may also help deliver ingredients that are notoriously hard to get into the dermis.

Silk protein is a moisturizing, anti-aging, and pollution-protecting miracle skincare ingredient that enhances your overall radiance and glow.

Fibroin has a high percentage of the amino acids glycine and alanine. The combination of these two acids is very easily absorbed into the skin and has the following benefits when combined. There are 18 kinds of amino acids in sericin. Among which, serine and aspartate have the highest content. About 80% amino acid has hydrophilic lateral group and about 1/3 of which is serine that water absorption is 50 times high than that of glycerin.

Promotes cell repair and regeneration.
Reduces transdermal water loss to maintain skin’s hydration levels.
Boosts collagen levels, leading to firmer skin and anti-aging benefits.
Very gentle exfoliation.
Protective against sun damage.
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