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Rosmar Kagayaku Peeling Lotion 100ml

Rosmar Kagayaku Peeling Lotion 100ml

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Rosmar Kagayaku Peeling Lotion 100ml

Rosmar Kagayaku Peeling Lotion is a popular and trending peeling lotion that has received excellent feedback from users. It is known for its effectiveness in providing results in just a few days of use. This peeling lotion not only helps to exfoliate the skin, but it also has skin brightening properties, making it a sought-after product among consumers.

The Rosmar Kagayaku Peeling Lotion is known for its pleasant fragrance and affordability. It is highly regarded for its ability to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. This product is popular among consumers who are looking to achieve a lighter and more even-toned complexion.

This remarkable lotion is designed to provide you with a multitude of benefits, ranging from evening out your skin tone to lightening dark spots and shallow scars. With its nourishing properties, it will leave your skin feeling baby-soft while effectively removing blemishes.

How To Use:

1. Start by applying three coatings of the lotion at night, just before going to bed. Choose either your legs or arms as the application area. It is important to use the entire bottle within three days to maximize the effects.

2. For the first coating, generously apply the lotion, making sure to cover the entire chosen area. Massage it into your skin thoroughly, allowing it to be fully absorbed. If you desire a more intense peeling effect, apply a thicker layer.

3. Repeat the application process three times, with a 15-minute interval between each coating.

4. In the morning, you may take a bath, but please avoid using soap or scrubbing the area where you have applied the peeling lotion.

5. Allow your skin at least 5-7 days to naturally peel off the old skin. Do not force the peeling process.

6. During the application period, it is advisable to minimize excessive exposure to sunlight. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by using a lotion with a high SPF during the daytime, immediately following the peeling process.

Before incorporating the Rosmar Kagayaku Peeling Lotion into your skincare routine, it is crucial to perform a skin patch test to ensure compatibility with your skin. Additionally, please note that this product is not recommended for individuals with acidic skin.

For optimal results, you may repeat the peeling process every two weeks.

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