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Polyquaternum 10 Powder

Polyquaternum 10 Powder

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Polyquaternum 10 Powder

INCI Name: Polyquaternium 10
Properties: Light beige powder. Soluble in water.
Use: Dissolve in aqueous phase before use; Dosage 0.2 – 2.0%
Function: Conditioning, wet compatibility, good manageability, curl retention, anti static.
Application: All kinds of hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair cream, etc.

It is water-soluble, cationic, multifunctional conditioning polymer having a cellulosic backbone derived from natural, renewable resources, such as cotton or wood. It enables the clear formulations with no build-up on hair and avoids volume-down effects. It can be used with or without silicones and compatible with a wide range of surfactants. It (being a big molecule that consists of many parts) can help to thicken up products, form a nice film on the skin or hair and is an excellent hair conditioner.

Synergetic ingredient: Works well with most ingredients. Add according to the dissolution ratio to your favorite hair cair products especially if you have damaged hair. Great to also add to your lotion and cream formulations.

- Improves appearance and feel of damaged hair
- Volume-friendly with no build-up
- Mends split ends and frizzy flyaways
- Can be used in clear formulations
- Helps restore the barrier function of skin
- Delivers post-application elegance
- Supports a “natural,” non-toxic label claim
- Provides medium conditioning on hair
- Controlled deposition of large particle size silicone emulsions
- Improves comb-ability and feel of hair
- Reduces frizz
- Biobased Carbon Weight %: 48%
- Non-GMO*
- Does not meet the definition of a nanomaterial as listed in Article 2(k) of the EU Cosmetic Regulation
- To the best of our knowledge this product does not contain ingredients of animal origin.
- To the best of our knowledge this product complies with California Prop 65*

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