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Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex

Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex

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Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex
30 soft gels / box

Product Ingredients
Ovine Placenta Extract 30000mg
Squalene 200mg
Olive Oil 200mg
Aloe Vera P.E 10mg

Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placenta is the most advanced anti-aging and cell rejuvenation supplement available. It is made exclusively in New Zealand, with 15 years of research and development going into its production. Its unique ingredients are kept in soft gelatin capsules, extracted from cells that are specifically grown to maintain their function, integrity, and bioactivity.

Consumers who have used Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placenta have reported improved skin and hair, an increase in energy, and an overall feeling of wellbeing. This unique supplement is becoming increasingly popular as an anti-aging supplement, and is the perfect way to give your body the edge it needs to stay young and healthy.

Using contemporary biotechnological practices to sustain the activity of their progress components, Nuvit's Grande Platinum Placenta is generated through cell culture engineering. These progress constituents can instill new life into lagging or aggrandized cells in our shells, thus refreshing our whole bodies in the process.

Complete Absorption for Total Youth

After sheep placental cells are grown in a laboratory using advanced cell culture technology, the active ingredients are extracted and condensed into a standardized 30000mg Nuvit - Grande Platinum Placenta capsule loaded with powerful antioxidants. This potent form of placenta extract is designed to help protect cells from damage caused by free-radicals, which are naturally generated in the body and can cause oxidative stress on the cells. The antioxidants found in Nuvit - Grande Platinum Placenta capsules have been shown in studies to be particularly effective at protecting cells from this damage. This cutting-edge form of placenta extract is becoming increasingly popular amongst healthcare professionals as a means of providing superior antioxidant protection.

In order to ensure that the anti-aging effects of Nuvit - Grande Platinum Placenta are maximized, the soft gelatin capsule passes through the stomach intact so that the active ingredients are not harmed by stomach acid. Once inside the small intestine, the cellular elements are released and absorbed to achieve their beneficial effects.

Product Usage
One soft gel daily.

Keep out of reach of children. Store product below 25°C.

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