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LifeCell Placenta

LifeCell Placenta

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LifeCell Placenta 

LifeCell Placenta™ is a safe and nutritious food supplement sourced from New Zealand. This innovative combination of three ingredients has been carefully developed with the aim of promoting optimal wellness in men and women; aiding in the reversal of age-related conditions, improving endocrine and menopausal symptoms, balancing hormones and increasing energy levels.

3 main ingredients of LifeCell Placenta™:
- 30,000mg Sheep Placenta, rejuvenates skin with its anti-aging properties, balances male hormones, and improves endurance and vitality.

- Wheat Germ Oil helps eliminate old and unhealthy cells, balance hormones, and regulate the menstrual cycle.

- Blue-Green Spirulina, a powerful superfood that can regenerate healthy cells, eliminate free radicals, and deeply moisturizes skin.

LifeCell Placenta eliminates old cells and generates new cells is essential for organs to operate normally and protect human organs and tissues from getting damaged. This allows the ability to eliminate free radicals which helps prevent and cure diseases such as heart disease, cancer, premature aging, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis. Additionally, it can improve the tolerance of cells to allergens, removes allergenic free radicals, and anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic. It can also reduce the symptoms of urticaria, allergic rhinitis, and improve allergies constitutional. Finally, it helps protect blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, and helps protect from cerebral hemorrhage, strokes, and hemiplegia. All these helps anti-aging, enhances immunity, and anti-radiation for the benefit of humans, making it an important function for organs.

General Benefits

- Eliminate fatigue
- Increase metabolism
- Regeneration of cells & collagen
- Improve memory
- Reduce heavy metal in body, and helps the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins
- Reduce stress & improve sleep quality
- Improves skin & health condition
- Anti Inflammation

Benefits for Male

- Boost energy levels
- Keep body and cells constantly vitalised
- Balance male hormones
- Increase stamina

Benefits for Female

- Recover skin elasticity
- Nourish QI & blood, combat fatigue
- Brighten skin and improve complexion
- Regulate endocrine, balance hormones

Suitable for:
- Menopause
- Confinement
- Irregular Menstruation
- People with Weak Physique
- Poor Sleep Quality
- Dull Complexion
- Decline in Physical Function
- Adult males

Not suitable for:
- Pregnant Women
- Tumor and Cancer patient
- Vegetarian
- Allergic to ingredients, such as Wheat allergy
- Autoimmune disease patient

The MMH Certification number is: MAL12095007N
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