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Hydrolized Wheat Germ Protein

Hydrolized Wheat Germ Protein

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Hydrolized Wheat Germ Protein
ECHA EC Number: 305-225-0
FDA UNII: Search
Name: hydrolyzed wheat protein
CAS Number: 70084-87-6
Dilution rate as a liquid active ingredient: 0.5-1.4%

All Functions: antistatic, hair conditioning, skin conditioning
Description: protein hydrolyzates, wheat germ. substance obtained by acidic, alkaline, or enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat germ composed primarily of amino acids, peptides, and proteins. it may contain impurities consisting chiefly of carbohydrates and lipids along with smaller quantities of miscellaneous organic substances of biological origin


A chemically chopped up version of wheat protein that consists mainly of amino acids (the building blocks), peptides (a couple of amino acids together), and proteins (lots of amino acids together).

It has moisturizing and film-forming properties and might be able to counteract the irritating effects of cleansing agents in cleansers and shampoos. It can also condition and repair damaged hair leaving it soft, silky and smooth. It increases skin's firmness and helps to form a film to retain moisture and provide luminosity. It prevents the skin from drying out and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. It nourishes and repairs hair, detangles, provides shine and hydration.

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