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Glutax 3600000GA – DualNA Alps-Cell Whitening

Glutax 3600000GA – DualNA Alps-Cell Whitening

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4 Sets in a Box

4 Ampoules 10ml
lDNA/RNA Multivitamins 200000mg
DNA/RNA Natural Collagen 15000mg
DNA/RNA Selenium 8300mg

4 Ampoule di 5ml
DNA/RNA Alps-Plant White Element 7800mg

4 Ampoule di 2ml
DNA/RNA Alps-Bio-Plant Cell 5275mg

4 Vials
DNA/RNA Alps-Sheep LyoCell 36000mg

4 Vials
DNA/RNA Glutothione 3600000g
DNA/RNA Alpha Lipoic Acid 9000mg
DNA/RNA Epidermal Growth Factor 16500mg
DNA/RNA Alps-Hydra Factor 6200mg

Using Swiss Alps Botanical Stem Cell, a rare apple variety found in Thurgau, northern Switzerland, rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, its main functions include stimulating skin stem cells to regenerate indefinitely The ability to promote the self-renewal of skin stem cells, thereby extending the life of skin cells

The best quality ewe fetus breeds cultivated in the Swiss Alps are used as raw materials, which not only improves the appearance of people, but more importantly, makes them physically younger, and restores the vitality of the weakened organs.

The latest version, Glutax 3600000GA, boosts the vitality and longevity of skin stem cells while strengthening the skin's barrier function, protecting the skin against climate change-induced stress, its moisturizing and emollient properties, and keeping it hydrated and radiant even in cold, dry winters

It is divided into 4 times/10 times as a course of treatment, once every 5-7 days by IV. The specific course of treatment depends on your own skin condition. After three to four injections, the whitening effect can be slowly seen. The speed depends on the individuals metabolism

The skin will not turn dark within 2-3 years after the whitening injection is stopped. If you do not want to continue the whitening injection, it is recommended to do daily basic maintenance and sun protection after stopping. Be sure to pay attention to the continuation of the effect of sunscreen or follow-up oral whitening products.
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