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Ginseng LIquid Extract

Ginseng LIquid Extract

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The Discovery of Ginseng Saponin with the Most Outstanding Benefits for Skin

Ginseng has been used in the East for 2,000 years for the purposes of treating illnesses and recovering health. And a group of main active ingredients is saponins. Ginseng saponins are found only in ginseng, and therefore given a special name, ginsenosides. There are about more than 30 varieties of ginsenosides found in ginseng. The various vitality and benefits of ginsenosides for skincare is identified as ginsenoside called ‘Compound K’ to be the ingredient with the most effect and benefit for skin.

Among the many components that make up our skin, collagen is like the pillar which helps keep the skin firm and resilient. With age, an enzyme (MMP-1) that breaks down collagen increases. Compound K suppresses the activation of this enzyme, protecting the collagen in the skin. Skin also holds hyaluronic acid, which helps keep the skin moisturized. Compound K promotes the production of hyaluronic acid and helps improve wrinkles. Compound K also reduces and mitigates sensitive skin responses such as itching or redness, reducing the time that accelerates skin aging.

- antioxidant
- photoprotection
- lightening
- regenerating
- immuno-modulatory
- purifying
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